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Safe Hair Regrowth Vitamin to Block DHT

There are many different hair loss causes. Some of them are stress related - stress from work or stress from new kids - any of which can cause your body to not feed its hair correctly causing it to fall out over time.

Hair loss can also be age related. Although not as common as most people believe, hair loss still occurs when an individual gets to an age where their bodies stop processing all of their vitamins correctly. Eventually, hair begins to thin and fall out.

But one of the leading causes of hair loss that many people do not know about is known as Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.


DHT is a hormone that, at conception, is vitally important for proper growth. Three times more powerful than testosterone, DHT is responsible for many of the physical characteristics of men.

But as the individual ages, DHT becomes less important. With nothing else to do, the hormone binds to hair follicles causing them to weaken and fall out. It has also been linked to prostate cancer.

DHT Blockers

Because DHT can cause all these problems, men suffering from hair loss will want to block DHT from forming to allow their hairs to start growing effectively again. The best way to stop DHT production is through safe hair regrowth vitamins.

There are many safe hair regrowth vitamins available, but the best will have Saw Palmetto oil in their ingredients, known to effectively block DHT with absolutely zero side effects. Saw Palmetto, with the help of zinc and ginseng can prevent DHT from forming, allowing your hair to finally breathe again.

These safe hair regrowth vitamins are significantly better than the manmade chemical hair treatments, as the chemical treatments are known to cause sexual side effects as well as mess around with your hormone levels.

Because the leading reason to fix an individual"s hair loss problem is to regain the person"s self confidence, risking these side effects is pointless and dangerous, and effectively negates any of the positive outcomes of their use. Therefore, one should choose a safe hair regrowth vitamin in its stead, so that the person"s hair can grow again without any of the risk.

The best safe hair regrowth vitamin, effective and preventing hair loss and blocking DHT production is known as Procerin. Made from all of the best ingredients, this safe hair regrowth vitamin has been shown to be effective on all males suffering from hair loss, especially those in their 20"s-40"s, and does not cause any sexual side effects. Procerin is simply better than any of the chemical pills you can take, and is easily the best natural supplement on the market.